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​How many times have we heard the expression “It’s only a dead-leg, just run it off” when dealing with severe bruising of the thigh muscles?  But can you?  Read on to find out...

Discussing Sports Medicine:
Evaluation of injury prevention strategies can be just as important as developing them; also discussing injury grading systems, leading with the elbow in football, sports nutrition, and lots more…

Injuries in Women's Football:

Anatomical differences, altered biomechanics and hormonal factors can all have an influence on the female athlete’s predisposition to injury...

Youth and Adolescent Injuries in Sport:

A different approach needs to be adopted not only when dealing with children, but also with younger athletes.  Growing injuries and developmental conditions can also be a problem...

The Management of Ankle Injuries:
A sprained ankle is probably one of the most frequent injuries in sport and in everyday life.  Correct early management can make a huge difference and significantly reduce the recovery time...

The Management of Knee Injuries:
Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries used to routinely finish an athlete's career but now an ACL injury needn’t be such a big deal.   But there are other types of ligamentous knee injuries as well... 

The Management of Back Pain:  
There are many types of back pain.   From injuries arising from a single specific incident or repetitive actions to back pain of a non-specific origin, this is something that can affect us all...

The Management of Shoulder Injuries:
The shoulder often takes the brunt of the force generated by the tackle in contact sports.  Treatment of shoulder injuries can be a real challenge …

The Management of Muscle Injuries in Sport:
Muscle injuries are common enough in football but why are these injuries so difficult to treat?  A look at the diagnostic and treatment options...

Articles, discussion and opinion on sports medical issues in Spanish football: ​
Giving a different take on Spanish football and the common injuries that occur, this section provides a unique and alternative view of the Spanish game as seen from the bench.

Twitter expands:
Sometimes it can be difficult to explain everything in a tweet; so on this page are some of the topics I've recently mentioned on twitter in more detail...​


The objective of this site is not to compete with learned medical journals, but merely to explain injuries and treatment in a way that is easy to understand.

The information provided is done so with the intention of helping anyone interested or involved in the management of injuries to have a greater understanding and a deeper insight into the nature and incidence of injuries normally sustained in a sporting environment.

Based on my experience of sports medicine combined with my background in professional sport, I'm confident that this site will make for a good read!  ​

So if you are into injury management as a topic, then this website should be ideal !!

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​​​​​​​​​​​​About Injuries and More !!

There are a lot of blogs on the internet about football and injuries.  So what makes this one different? 

Websites explaining football injuries in a way that everyone can understand are few and far between; particularly those that can discuss injuries in depth and the impact these have on football clubs and players from a medical aspect.

All the information on this website has been thoroughly researched, referenced, individual to each particular article, and drawn from my own experience in professional football and sports medicine. 

In today’s world, people want to know what successful injury management actually consists of; and often what the jargon actually means!

Nowadays we aren’t content just to know who scored the goals.  Today’s fan wants to know what the injuries are that affect the players and what's being done about it.

So if that’s the type of information you’re after, then you have come to the right place!  ​This website aims to fill the gap between the scientific and the sporting. 

Perfect reading for players, coaches and fans alike! 
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​Explaining injuries in a way that's easy to understand!!